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about us

From our first outlet in Bahrain, established in the year 2018, Chicky wok has made a successful journey to other countries through franchises. We are currently aiming to start our express outlets in all the panchayats India, starting from Kerala. The acceptance of our recipe among people makes us confident to build toward this goal. Chicky Wok is creating a strong and growing network of franchises that are coordinated and collaborating to bring the same quality products and services to our customers in all regions.

Fast food for all


Through our Franchise System and by providing the required equipment and knowledge, we enable entrepreneurs to grow in the Rapid Service Restaurant industry worldwide.We are aiming to build a globally recognized brand, with the quality and taste of our products. Breakfast, lunch and dinner at affordable prices but never compromising on the taste and quality, round the globe! tasty food with value for money is a way of telling our customers we care for them. Our menu has options for the whole family to enjoy. We also make sure no dip in hygiene or quality is practised in our outlets. The efficient team of staff in our company never fail to offer high standards of service.


A real dip in the flavours

Our Recipes

All the recipes used in Chicky Wok were formed with inspiration from a fusion of different cooking methods. We are bringing together a fine blend of Indian, Arabian, South Asian cuisines; a real dip in the flavours! More crisp, more flavour and more love is the recipe for ChickyWok fried chicken, a real jump from the usual South American taste. Serving a common dish with a tasty twist is what makes you unique in the restaurant industry. We take a special interest in innovating the traditional recipes and bringing some delicious zest to every single item we serve. There are also some unique side dishes like onion rings and natural tasting fries. Our burgers are also specially Chicky Wok style and are sure to fascinate anyone who gives a try. The momos and Alfahams are also prepared in a fine blend of authentic recipes with a unique pinch of ingredients.